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Religion and the oppression of women

To begin let me state that i believe that women should be the dominant gender of our species. If you look at the animal kingdom you will se that the female of the species is the dominant gender. For example,take the african lion,the female lion raises the young,hunts for the food,and takes care of the pride. the male is only there for reproduction purposes.

I think that 2000 years ago,men,that is to say the males of our species seen this and needed a way to assert their dominance over women. What better way than to conjure up some random god that says to men that they are the dominant gender. This same god tells men that women are inferior and they are to blame for all of mankinds problems.

The muslim religion has mastered this better than any other religion. Women must walk behind the man,they can’t go out in public unless escorted by a male member of the family.They must wear religiously mandated clothing that covers their entire body. They must participate in a pre-arranged marriage usually to a much older man that they don’t know.If a muslim woman is raped she is punished as if she did something wrong and the rapist is almost never punished.

I would think in this modern age more women would cast off the shackles of religion,not embrace it. They should discard it like a bad habit.


Fischer: Muslims Must Convert to Christianity

Sometime last week Bryan Fischer, the Director of Issue Analysis for the American Family Association has taken a stand on one of the greatest threats this country is facing.  Muslims.  Fischer has gone on record to say that all imigrants should convert to Christianity.  He was speaking specifically about Muslims.
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Muslims: Baby-Booming?

I’ve read that the Muslim population is exploding in the United Kingdom.

Can blame be placed on fanatical Islamic leaders masterminding this movement for Muslims to have as many babies as possible in order to take over, in this particular case, the UK?

Or is this just a nice conspiracy and the real culprit is that sexy beard driving the ladies mad?