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Deperate Media Sharks Find Some Chum: Bachmann Cures Gays

If Bachmann Scares the Media-Owning Elite This Much, I'll Vote For Her!

The media barrage against Michele Bachmann reminds me of sharks who have finally come upon some chum in the water. They have been restlessly circling for months now- waiting and watching, waiting and watching. Finding nothing, they attacked her looks, her intelligence, her religion (can you imagine them attacking a Muslim candidate’s religion? Ha!) and now, finally, their prayers have been answered.

In the Absence of Proof, The Desperate News Elite Must Make Things Up Against Bachmann

Or, at least that is what they would have you believe. Chris Matthews on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper on CNN, Jon Stewart on his comedy show- oh, you know the list by now- have all been flinging accusations of cruelty, dishonesty & hate at both Sen. Bachmann & her husband over an undercover ‘sting’ video that shows a counselor from the Bachmann religious clinic attempting to help a person who no longer wanted to act or think gay.

The funny this is this: they never show the whole interview. They literally show about 5 second sound bites that to me, are relatively harmless. The counselor is heard to say things like homosexual behavior can be stopped through prayer and techniques, homosexual thoughts can be replaced by heterosexual thoughts through practice and prayer, and that the counselor admits to not being an expert in the area. The counselor is upbeat, encouraging and positive in the clips shown. The session seems extremely loose and unscripted and seem to be part of a much longer conversation which is never shown. I wonder why? Not once is the counselor seen to negate the person in the interview. Not once is the counselor seen to say that the person was ‘wrong’ or bad in any way to practice homosexuality. Not once does the counselor say that homosexuality is a sin.


Give The Girl A Prize: Obama Gets Gun Control Out of Fast n Furious Debacle!

I called it in my Fast n Furious- That’s How Eric Holder’s (& Obama’s) Heads Should Roll article. Gun Control. That is exactly why ATF agents were forced to allow these weapons into Mexico in the first place. The original plan was to intercept them and make arrests before the Mexican Border. But no. Obama & Read the rest of this entry

Video About the New World Order & Obama

Get some coffee- take a bathroom break. Make sure you have a little time. This video is frightening. It also agrees with much I have been theorizing over the past two months concerning Obama and his desire to create a new American Union. Apparently the actual name being thrown about is: The North American Union. And while I’ve been saying Ameri-dollar, others have been saying Amero. Funny. Cause I saw this happening without first seeing the video. The video was made years ago (2008) and yet, someone who has heard nothing of it has seen the plan unfolding. Interesting, to say the least. No wonder they need control of the Internet. Cause even though the news media is quiet as a tomb, the People are not. The Internet must be controlled to stop us from finding this out.

I don’t think that the video is correct about one thing: The American Union will include Brazil. It will need its oil when the Middle East burns.

King Obama Speaks: Assad Must Go

King Obama Speaks: Assad Must Go.

King Obama Decides Which World Leaders 'Must Go'

King Obama, with the might of the USA military and billions in USA tax dollars, declares which world leaders ‘must go’ and which world leaders can stay and play.  He is now taking aim at Syria. more..

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 3: The Slippery Slope

Atheists are working in conjunction with the greedy to slip by new laws and regulations that will eventually be used to not only enrich themselves, but to make those who disagree with them criminals. This article is an intellectual exercise that will present a very near future where the Church can be called a terrorist organization and uncooperative Christians, ‘enemy combatants’. And all under valid laws.