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I’m Fearful for the State of our Country

I’m so disgusted right now at the thought that either Romney or Santorum could be our next president.

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Should we raise the debt ceiling?

Whew!  What a hot topic these days.  And it should be.  It’s a scary time for our country.  We could default come August 2nd.  I don’t think anybody really even knows what that means.  I don’t Read the rest of this entry

Buy Your Guns Now- Big Ones. And Lots of Bullets.

I can’t believe I just said that. But I did. As a result of the Fast n Furious Debacle, Eric Holder (or should I say, Obama) has just ordered the Justice Department to take away our Second Amendment rights- you know, the right to bear arms- the right to raise a private militia, the right to stand up to our own government should it become tyrannical? Yeah, that one.

Huffington Post Claims Cantor is Corrupt & Wants Boehner’s Job

You know when the Huffington Post & Progressive Liberals start investigating your stock portfolio and start publicizing feuds that Read the rest of this entry

Give The Girl A Prize: Obama Gets Gun Control Out of Fast n Furious Debacle!

I called it in my Fast n Furious- That’s How Eric Holder’s (& Obama’s) Heads Should Roll article. Gun Control. That is exactly why ATF agents were forced to allow these weapons into Mexico in the first place. The original plan was to intercept them and make arrests before the Mexican Border. But no. Obama & Read the rest of this entry