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Herman, Baby!

Herman Cain: A No-Nonsense Teddy Bear

I love this man for his HONESTY. I love this man for his COURAGE. I love this man for his FORTHRIGHTNESS. He is a smart, self made millionaire with a no-nonsense attitude toward decision making. However, unlike Romney, Herman Cain is touchable. He has a great chuckle and knows how to work a crowd. He will open a can of whoop-ass and beat Obama for the 2012 Presidency!


Pre-1967 Borders for Israel? Why President Obama is Dangerous

Israeli Priminister Netanyahu Responds Coldy

I am dumbfounded. Pre 1967 border for Israel? Obama, in announcing a Middle peace plan which pushes Israel back to pre-1967 borders, clearly has no interest in calming the Middle East situation. He is like a mad king out of control- and we, the sorry subjects must watch helplessly as this man takes our country- and the world- into chaos, bloodshed and calamity. Never have I regretted our four year presidential terms before. But no president has ever shown such little regard for his own country before. Never has any one president acted so quickly and rashly to ensure the utter destruction of our nation’s health and power in the world. Up until this president, I and the rest of America, believed one basic tenet about every presidential candidate: that each and every one of them loved their country. And at the very least, we believed that any president would be constrained by self interest to acting in our behalf. After all, doesn’t every president want to be re-elected? We so arrogantly believed that to be the president of our great nation, to be the most powerful man on earth, would surely be the epitome of any man’s ambition. In our innocent naiveté, we simply never entertained the idea that there could be a man who would wish to be president for the sole purpose of destroying our nation. But that, my friends, has surely come to pass. For Obama has other plans for our nation, for the world and for himself.

Is it Ineptitude or is President Obama Smart Like a Fox?


President Obama has done so many things that don’t make sense:  threaten the U.S.A. foreign oil supplies and yet ban USA domestic oil production and yet encourage Brazilian oil production.  Meet with minor, non-traditional & sometimes questionable South American countries in official state visits while ignoring our traditional and strongest allies such as England, France, Germany, Japan & Israel.  Refuse to secure our southern border when all evidence shows that terrorists have been infiltrating the USA via that border.  Continues to pass legislation that is anti-business, plans the largest tax  hike in USA history, authorizes unknown amounts of dollar printing by the Fed. Reserve- and yet tell us he thinks of nothing except jobs, “day & night”.  Spends to record deficits adding to more than all our presidents put together, and yet promises to cut our deficit in half by the second half of his presidency.  What is going on?  Join me at my blog for a fully referenced argument that shows that President Obama could very well have a much bigger agenda that might make sense of all these seemingly inept policy decisions.

Are we a Nation of Cowards?

Are we a Nation of Cowards?.�  New photos and commentary

One Capricious President

If President Obama is not ‘spiking the football’, than I don’t know what spiking a football looks like.  Why spike this football and not the supposed ‘ball’ of UBL’s death photos?  Read on..

One Capricious President.