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Facebook adds Organ Donor statuses

Facebook has announced that it has added the ability for it’s users to share that they are an organ donor.  I could scoff at the idea and ask the question of why; or I could simply be happy about this taboo topic becoming, well, not so taboo. Read the rest of this entry


Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 3: The Slippery Slope

Atheists are working in conjunction with the greedy to slip by new laws and regulations that will eventually be used to not only enrich themselves, but to make those who disagree with them criminals. This article is an intellectual exercise that will present a very near future where the Church can be called a terrorist organization and uncooperative Christians, ‘enemy combatants’. And all under valid laws.

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 2: Proving the Existence of God

"I Am"

I’ve gone and done it:  I have officially proved the existence of God.

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 1

This is the  first promised article in a series classified under “Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today” .  This article specifically deals with how unscientifically the so-called Western, White scientists treat the notion of God, creation, and evolution.  It brings to light not only their limited knowledge base, their repeated failures of history and their hypocritical methodology, but also their arrogance & insecurity.  It debunks the idea that we need to discuss creation on their terms:  the scientific jargon wars.  It shows how they have assumed the mantle of ‘Truth-Finders’ based on their own rules, and desires.  It sheds a harsh light on the very unscientific MOTIVES, methods and mindset of atheist scientists today.