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Stand Steady & Stay Strong: Thumbs Up to Republicans

Let’s give a Thumbs Up to our Republicans for saying ‘no’ to more taxes and ‘yes’ to more budget cuts.


President Obama Plans to Drop ‘The Bomb’

Republican Orrin Hatch & Jeff Sessions of the Congressional Finance Committee worry that Obama, with his secret closed door meetings with Dems, so reminiscent of Obamacare secrecy, will drop a last minute fiscal ‘bomb’ right before national default dead line.

Why Obama Won’t Talk Debt- He is the New, Lesser Teflon President

“Obama & Michelle will take the tax payer’s jet to his gala fund raiser events tonight instead of meeting with Congress over the plebian issues of the tax ceiling & national debt.”

He sneers that only ‘people with jets’ will be asked to contribute more (though these same jet owners already pay 40% of ALL taxes paid to the U.S. government already). What he doesn’t mention is that he will also increase taxes on those earning a mere $250,000 as well. Those are not jet owners. Those are not even rich in today’s’ world. George Soros, with his billions, is rich. And he is Obama’s good friend. Now why would Obama raise taxes on his friend? Because, my friend, the truly wealthy don’t pay taxes at all. Their money is locked up in off shore companies, shell companies, and clever schemes. Soros laughs at taxes. Only the hard working, sweating small business owner will be crushed by the new taxes proposed by Obama & the Dems. And they are the ENGINE of the economy. Hmmmm….