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Which telecom monitors you most?

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile – The Big Four.  More like “The Big Brother, Four.”   Read the rest of this entry


Verizon exchanges Unlimited Data with Tiered Plans

Well boys and girls, that was short lived.  If you remember, the iPhone giant, AT&T, was the only provider you could get the “jesus-phone.”  Last year, however, Apple’s exclusivity contract expired allowing them to put their iPhone on a competing network.  And who better to put that phone than on the one carrier capable of moving millions of units per year?  Yup, Verizon.

Let me get this out of the way first, I hate Verizon.  They have a “money first” mentality.  They are the very poster child of everything there is to hate about capitalism.  They have the American mind dialed down to a science and they exploit that at every turn.  It’s sick and here’s just one more turd to add to the proverbial shit pile.

When Verizon introduced the iPhone last year, many asked the question of, “AT&T has the iPhone, what makes yours so different?”

Verizon responded with, “We have unlimited data plans.  All you can eat data.”  They raised their arms in the air and iPhone fans rejoiced.  Finally, unlimited data on my jesus-phone.

But wait, not so fast.  Just this week, Verizon has announced that they will switch to tiered pricing for the data plans afterall.  So, now that they’ve got everyone locked into two year contracts and have made themselves quite popular with the natives can they slide back into their old habits of raping the willing.

I just visited the Verizon website to check it out for my own eyes, and sure enough, what used to cost thirty dollars for unlimited data has been throttled back a mere 2gb/month.  Yes, you heard it correctly; all of those who listen to Pandora radio at work or any other streaming service might want to find an alternate source for you music.  2gb won’t get you very far for these activities.  Verizon will have you believe that “most” consumers won’t be affected by this cap.  So which side of the fence are you on?  Will you notice?  I will.  Let’s here it.  Are we pissed off yet?  Are we ready to switch carriers in protest.  I say hell yeah.

Network Neutrality: Do you know the facts?

The very fact that I am writing this, and you are receiving it, is all due to the foresight and enginuity of a man from the UK.  His name is Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web.

In the beginning

It was 1990.  Only a select few even had access to a computer.  And even fewer had one of their own.  It was an art reserved for the nerdiest of the nerds – computer science.  How it has changed our world.  Information is exchanged much differently today than back in the 90’s when evelopes and stamps were a writer’s best friends.  With the success of the efforts of Tim and his clan of nerds came businesses who would exploit this new form of communication.  And so boomed the .com era. Read the rest of this entry